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Our Mission

At RAVENii we leverage the collective intelligence of security experts across the globe to provide peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment that is right for you.

About RAVENii

The road to a sound security program may be complicated. But RAVENii is here to help you create a roadmap for success. RAVENii is transforming cybersecurity by “Humanizing the Hunt”. We apply experienced human intuition to existing security solutions because we believe “Gray Matter” matters. Most organizations have made significant investments in security tools; however, have lacked the time, resources or expertise to implement and realize the full value of these investments. RAVENii is tool agnostic which allows us to utilize and optimize our client’s previous technology investments to achieve their cybersecurity requirements.

By monitoring the entirety of the IT environment, RAVENii moves beyond the sphere of security breaches; providing the most comprehensive discovery, analysis and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s presence. Our platform combines advanced analytics to assist in understanding attacks, assessing risks, and acting against digital threats.

RAVENii’s pricing model enables organizations of any size, complexity and budget, quick and sustainable access to the most advanced technology and expertise in the cybersecurity industry.

RAVENii was launched in 2014 bringing decades of front-line experience across many domains of cybersecurity; while harnessing the power of its global network of seasoned security experts to keep abreast of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Today, RAVENii supports data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations with its “Gray Matter” approach to cybersecurity in an unceasing effort to improve our customer’s security posture.


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