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Cybersecurity 101: The Power of a Strong SIEM

The cybersecurity of your organization can strongly benefit from a strong SIEM. The threats hackers pose is ever-changing, it’s important to have strong security measures that adapt to keep up with threats. RAVENii can patrol your network to help you manage and track the changes you need to keep your security up-to-date.

What is a SIEM?

A SIEM or Security Information and Event Management system is a security software that shows activity across an entire network so threats can be responded to quickly, often before business is affected.  A SIEM is an important part of any organization’s cybersecurity plan. By using a SIEM, we have a centralized place to collect and analyze data so that security workflows can be streamlined. 

One of the Managed Security Services offered by RAVENii is our SIEM Wave 3 Solution. Our Wave 3 utilizes Artificial Intelligence to solve business challenges that traditional SIEM solutions may miss, including containing price creep, storing network traffic data volumes and working with historical information.

RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3

Powered by MixMode, 3rd Wave AI has predictive and advanced threat monitoring. Our SIEM services include 24/7 support, monitoring and response by RAVENii security experts. Our RAVENii Security Operations Center offers advanced visibility and powerful forensics, log storage and a ticketing system with SLA options to suit your business. To read the full details about RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3, click here

Is Your Current Cybersecurity Ecosystem Robust?

RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3 solution is self-supervised, context aware and predictive. This eliminates the need for your IT teams to spend precious time deploying and re-configuring individual products and rules. Instead of LOOKING for actionable events, we are WORKING actionable events.

Work with RAVENii

At RAVENii we leverage the collective intelligence of security experts across the globe to provide peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment that is right for you.

Launched in 2014 by experts boasting decades of front-line security experience, RAVENii is your source for cybersecurity solutions. Supporting a wide range of clients including data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations and transportation, utility, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations, RAVENii will monitor your entire IT environment to prevent security breaches, mitigate threats and keep your business running strong. To learn about how RAVENii can help you, or for a cyber security evaluation for your business, contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.


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