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Cybersecurity: Prepare Your Team With Quality Education

When it comes to cybersecurity, information is always your greatest asset. Attacks come in many forms, but there are signs you and your employees can learn to identify that will give you warning that something is amiss. End-user education is the best way to approach this problem. RAVENii offers services that will manage your company’s security awareness training to help protect your data.

What is a Cyber Attack?

The term cyber attack describes any attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or program. Cyber attacks take many forms, the two most common being malware and phishing. Malware involves infecting computers on your network with software in order to shut down services key to your business or access your information. Phishing is a social engineering tactic where attackers will try to use mostly electronic communications in order to get the credentials of someone on your network. The key to strong cybersecurity is to have every member of your organization involved in preventing attacks from happening.

RAVENii’s Training Service

Unless your entire workforce is made up of cybersecurity experts, the most you can reasonably ask of your team is that they be educated about what threats look like and how to avoid them. RAVENii’s Managed Security Training and Phishing Testing platform is powered by SANS and is designed to teach your employees what cyber threats look like and what common tricks attackers will use to look official. The goal of any cybersecurity training program should be to mitigate the number of security breaches caused by human error and to create an enhanced secure organizational culture.

Ongoing security awareness training and testing is crucial to ensuring that your employees understand what is needed to avoid the evolving threats. Changes in how attacks are carried out means that the job of keeping potential targets informed never ends. RAVENii offers an education program that will evolve to match potential threats.

We offer our services to both the private and public sectors. Whether your organization is a business or a local government, the main source of cybersecurity breaches is human error. RAVENii wants to change that by helping to improve your team’s knowledge on the topic. Employees knowing that they are targets for cyber attacks is imperative.

RAVENii has a team of security experts around the globe ready to pass their knowledge of threats and how to avoid them to your team. Contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.


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