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Cybersecurity: Understanding Endpoint Protection
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An essential component of cybersecurity is understanding endpoint protection. RAVENii endpoint protection helps businesses block threats and other attempts to gain access into your network. An area often overlooked in cybersecurity is endpoint protection. While our client’s network and cloud storage often have security measures in place, we find it is the endpoints that are lacking this safety feature. We defend client endpoints with 24/7 monitoring. How well are you protected?

What is Endpoint Protection?

An “endpoint” is any device that access’ your corporate network. This includes network devices, personal devices, employer-owned laptops, servers, desktops, cloud-based systems, IoT devices and even wearables. By watching for any malicious activity across the network and at each endpoint, all your devices are safeguarded against advanced cybersecurity threats. Endpoint security ensures that all of your endpoints are safe, protected from even advanced threats, and even secures employees and devices for those who work remotely.

Managed Endpoint Protection

RAVENii helps business block threats and will help you guard your endpoints. Our SOC includes endpoint detection which will help take an inventory of how many devices access your network and our Managed Endpoint Protection Services will help protect your endpoint devices from cyber threats. Data is often the most valuable asset of a company. Hackers know this and attempt to gain access to your data or wipe it out permanently, putting your entire business at risk. Businesses have to account for multiple endpoints as well as multiple types of endpoints. RAVENii recognizes that these factors make endpoint security more difficult and is where we step in to make sure you’re safe from vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Security is a vital part of your overall cyber security plan. It is not simply “anti-virus software”. Traditional antivirus software sits on a single endpoint, whereas endpoint security looks at the entire network and provides a centralized look at all linked endpoints. It helps organizations prevent threats and detect suspicious activity, no matter where employees are access endpoints, on any device on the network.

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At RAVENii we leverage the collective intelligence of security experts across the globe to provide peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment. 

Launched in 2014 by experts boasting decades of front-line security experience, RAVENii is your source for cybersecurity solutions. Supporting a wide range of clients including data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations, transportation, utility, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations, RAVENii will monitor your entire IT environment to prevent security breaches, mitigate threats and keep your business running strong. To learn about how RAVENii can help you, or for a cyber security evaluation for your business, contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.


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