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DHCP Logging Adds Ease and Utility to IT Managed Services

Few things are more important in managed IT managed services than maintaining your enterprise asset inventory. We’ve discussed this a few timesbefore because there are different aspects and methods to this. Another important topic in this area is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) logging. When it comes to managing your own enterprise asset inventory, RAVENii can help.

DHCP is a network protocol that is used to configure network devices to communicate on an IP network. This will be the main way most networks assign IP addresses, unless you have a specific need for a static, unchanging, IP address. The main benefit of DHCP in managed IT managed services is easier management of IP addresses on your network and time saved not having to assign IP addresses to each new device yourself.

A DHCP log is a category of server logs that contain information on systems that are assigned specific IP addresses by your server. Logging this information makes it easier to track older activity in your environment. Including this in your managed IT managed services can help you find patterns like failed VPN logins that can provide evidence following targeted attacks or help you prevent them from succeeding in the first place.

What DHCP logging does for your enterprise asset inventory is to provide a clearer picture of your network. DHCP server monitoring allows you to display comprehensive insights into server details and performance. DHCP protocols also allow your administrator to set lease times on network use for specific IP addresses. Having DHCP logging as part of your IT managed services can greatly increase your environment’s security.

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