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IT Managed Services For PCI Compliance

IT managed services from RAVENii can help your business comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) requirements in real-time. Companies that process any type of payment card data understand the importance of complying with PCI Compliance requirements. A breach that goes undetected for days or (deep breath) months could ruin lives.

Although it is not mandatory to be PCI DSS compliant, RAVENii’s IT managed services will make your work in the PCI DSS compliance process much more manageable. SIEM is a comprehensive monitoring solution that can monitor security events occurring in a network in real-time. Ravenii’s SIEM Wave 3 is powered by MixMode and is the only solution on the market utilizing 3rd Wave Artificial Intelligence. 

How SIEM Helps Meet PCI Requirements

SIEM features that can help meet PCI DSS requirements include:

Central Daily Log Collection

Logging is a critical requirement for all network systems and devices covered by PCI DSS. Logging of all resources enables monitoring of access and activity on network resources that deal with cardholder data. A SIEM solution collects log data from servers, databases, network devices, and other systems that store or process cardholder data for practical analysis of audit information.

Continuous Log Review and Reporting

A SIEM solution transforms the collected raw log data into actionable information. Reports required for PCI DSS are automatically generated when log sources are added for monitoring and can be scheduled daily. An advanced log search engine makes it easier to investigate security incidents and analyze events of interest.

Log Retention and Archiving

Stored log data should be easily accessible when it is needed. PCI DSS requires that log data be kept for at least one year. A SIEM solution can be configured to retain collected log data for any amount of time. The archived log data can then be easily uploaded back to the database and searched if an investigation is required.

Log Protection

Hackers often try to modify audit logs to avoid detection. PCI DSS, therefore, requires log data to be protected and tamper-proof. The SIEM solution can increase log security by using techniques such as encryption, hashing, and timestamping to ensure archived logs are not tampered with.

File Integrity Monitoring

PCI DSS requires that a change tracking tool, such as a file integrity monitoring (FIM) tool, be utilized to notify security teams of unauthorized changes to critical system files. A SIEM system with FIM capabilities keeps track of who accessed an object, which object was accessed, when the operation was performed, and what the object’s new value is. This allows access and changes to data while still maintaining the integrity of cardholder data.

Real-Time Alerts

A SIEM solution can generate alerts for critical events that might compromise the security of any systems that process or store payment card data. Many come prepackaged with PCI DSS alerts that can simply be enabled, and the SIEM solution can then execute a custom script when an alert is triggered to automate threat responses.

User Activity Monitoring

Monitoring user activity is critical to control internal threats. A SIEM solution can monitor users in real-time and provide a full audit of all user activities. It can also focus on monitoring the actions of privileged users, including any critical changes they make.

Why RAVENii’s IT Managed Services Are Better

The advantages of RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3 Solution over traditional SIEM include:

  • Precision detection increases SOC productivity
  • 95% false positive reduction
  • Cost reduction and efficiency gains
  • Lower log storage costs
  • Shorter mean time to remediate
  • Predictive and zero-day attack detection
  • 7 days to enterprise deployment and network baseline
  • The only 3rd wave AI security tool on the market

The lack of integration with other tools means that IT teams must dedicate significant staff time to managing each security control, and even further time to the administration of the various alerts generated by these tools. Our solution is self-supervised, context-aware, and predictive. 

This eliminates the need for IT teams to spend precious time deploying and re-configuring individual products and rules. Instead of LOOKING for actionable events, we are WORKING actionable events.

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