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IT Managed Services That Include 24/7 Monitoring Protect Your Data

IT managed services protect your business from the unexpected. There are many threats to your business’s network during the day, this is equally true at night. Because the risk to your network security doesn’t stop when you turn off the lights, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of RAVENii to monitor your IT security 24/7.

When your network has been infiltrated through an attack, every second counts. This makes after-hour times for most businesses an appealing time for hackers to break into your system. The longer they have access to your data, the more of it they can steal and the longer they have to use it. While this might seem obvious to some, many businesses still don’t protect themselves from network threats that might occur while they’re asleep. IT managed services that can monitor and protect your network at any time of day are a great way to address this problem.

RAVENii’s IT managed services are designed to help businesses protect themselves from threats at any time. Through the use of context-aware AI, our team can identify pre-attack behavior and stop attacks before they happen. We can monitor your network traffic, whether it’s incoming, outgoing, local in the cloud, or on premise. Our tools make sure we can give you the visibility you need to protect your network.

Our IT managed services process starts with the establishing of an evolving baseline of acceptable network behavior. Once we have an idea of what activity on your network is normal and what isn’t, we can provide you with a predictive intelligence layer that can detect threats and other anomalies without human intervention. Our services on average, reduce the number of false positive alerts of security risks by 95%, allowing you to rest easier with less stress over your network environment.

Contact RAVENii to protect your business’s network so you can get better sleep. Our team includes security experts around the globe to provide you with peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment. Contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.


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