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IT Managed Services: The Threat Your Staff Pose

IT managed services are your best bet for preventing breaches and losses on your network, but there is one crucial thing they can’t do. They can’t prevent every user on your network from opening a malicious email attachment or unwittingly giving away their credentials. 

Security Awareness Training as well as training on your internal policies and procedures for your employees is a crucial element of a comprehensive network security strategy. This is primarily because most cybersecurity breaches can be traced back to human error.

Your employees handle sensitive client information and keep your proprietary business intelligence safe every day. If they practice poor data management behaviors (even - or especially - unknowingly), they make your business vulnerable to significant and costly security breaches. 

Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing

It is imperative that your employees understand that they are all targets susceptible to attacks and that they are trained to avoid them. RAVENii’s Security Training & Phishing Testing program is designed to do exactly that. Our goal is to change human risk behaviors and create an enhanced secure organizational culture.

Our program empowers your employees to handle your company information securely and follow your information security policies and processes meticulously. This is critical because the better they understand how to avoid costly security incidents, the less likely they will give hackers an open invitation to your network.

Our team will create effective security training and phishing testing campaigns for your employees to teach them the risks they should avoid and the steps they should take if they encounter a nefarious situation. Your trained employees then work synergistically with our IT managed services to create the strongest forcefield possible around your networks.

IT Managed Services Have Big Advantages

Effective network security requires constant monitoring and maintenance, which is expensive (if even feasible) for most IT teams to implement in-house. A managed security services provider (MSSP) provides the protection that you need at a significantly lower cost and without bogging down your IT department.

An MSSP can also scale services and adapt the necessary infrastructure to perfectly fit the needs of your organization. This means that if something comes up requiring extra capacity temporarily, or if you need to cut back, resources can easily and quickly be adapted.

In-house security and IT staff rarely have the time or resources to stay educated on all of the latest in cybersecurity like advanced threat prevention, phishing, and endpoint protection. There are cybersecurity hardware and tools that are available directly from suppliers, but they do not provide you with expert advice about network security like a managed security service provider does. And they certainly won’t provide security awareness training. 

RAVENii Synergizes Your Network Security

Running continuous scans on your environment to identify anomalies in your normal operations is incredibly important when it comes to preventing a malware attack. As your MSSP, RAVENii does this. We can predict threats proactively and respond quickly and effectively, greatly reducing the odds of a successful cyber attack.

By monitoring the entirety of the IT environment, RAVENii moves beyond the sphere of security breaches; providing the most comprehensive discovery, analysis, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s presence. Our leading-edge managed security services and security awareness training combine to give your business the best protection you can get.

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