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Network Audits - The Importance of Regular SIEM-SOC Audits for Your Business's Cybersecurity
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Regular Network Audits are an important part of any business’s cybersecurity plan. A network audit will help you identify potential security vulnerabilities and provides opportunity for optimization, no matter if you operate in Kansas City or elsewhere in the United States. 

What is an Audit?
A network audit is an evaluation of an organization’s security practices, and overall health status. Because networks are always evolving with account management,audits need to be performed regularly as a core component of your cybersecurity protocol.  Network audits often include network architecture, inventory, access control, endpoint management, configuration review, policy review, procedure review, network traffic analysis, patch management, back-up management and compliance. System and Organization Controls or SOC audits assess the risks associated with using third-party vendor software, internal governance and compliance requirements and a review of the risk management plan. 

Why Perform Network Audits?
By conducting audits regularly, we can ensure networks are up-to-date, and in a mature state. Using a Security Information and Event Management or SIEM System will allow you to review events. The IRS explains, “Audit logging and review is a crucial component of an effective strategy to operate and secure vital IT assets and data.” RAVENii makes security logging and auditing affordable with our SIEM Wave 3 & Logging Solutions, powered by MixMode.

A recent LinkedIn article shares that Data Loss is a huge reason for audits since many business employ backup solutions, but those can often not perform as expected. An audit would reveal this gap and help prevent you from losing important information. 

Audit results provide valuable insights into your business’s cybersecurity practices. The recommendations from the audit can be used to improve internal processes, educate employees, identify gaps in your incident response plan and enhance your overall cybersecurity stance. 

To see how secure your network environment is or to schedule a vulnerability assessment, please visit us here. We can conduct an audit for you, or help you bridge gaps identified in your own internal audit results. 

Work with RAVENii

At RAVENii we leverage the collective intelligence of security experts across the globe to provide peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment.

Launched in 2014 by experts boasting decades of front-line security experience, RAVENii is your source for cybersecurity solutions. Supporting a wide range of clients including data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations, transportation, utility, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations, RAVENii will monitor your entire IT environment to prevent security breaches, mitigate threats and keep your business running strong. To learn about how RAVENii can help you, or for a cyber security evaluation for your business, contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.


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