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Network Security Kansas City: At What Size Does A Network Need Security?

When you think of network security Kansas City, most people imagine that their small-to-medium sized business is relatively safe. The unfortunate truth is that while big businesses and government organizations may be the most lucrative targets, they’re also the most difficult. Cybercriminals love low-hanging fruit, and they optimize their strategies to take advantage of small businesses with a lot to lose and little protection.

Would-be hackers tend to move on to easier targets when they encounter major obstacles, so even rudimentary network security Kansas City is better than nothing. But cybercriminals are constantly learning new techniques and changing tactics, so keeping your defense strategies current is critical.

Cybersecurity Strategies For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Cultivate security culture.

Developing a security-conscious culture within your organization should be a priority for all departments, not IT alone. Having everyone working toward the same goal of network security Kansas City gives you much greater odds of successfully locking down your data.

Train employees.

Most of the time, an infiltration of your network is caused by poor employee decisions like creating a weak password or falling for a phishing scheme. Investing in more comprehensive training is the best strategy for dealing with this. All employees should have a clear understanding of best practices for cybersecurity and common schemes they may encounter.

Limit and segment access.

No one wants to think about the possibility of a hostile user within their organization, but the fact is not all threats to your network come from external hackers. Creating and maintaining tight controls over user access limits the amount of damage a single user can do. Although it should be quite obvious, it is also worth mentioning that it is critical to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network with a strong password.

Backup your data.

All of your business’s data should be backed up regularly and stored both in the cloud and on local hard drives. The more frequently you backup your data, the less catastrophic a ransomware attack or natural disaster that limits your access can be.

Be sure your cloud is secure.

Cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data storage are convenient and cost-effective, but they can create vulnerabilities. Some cloud platforms and applications are far more secure than others, and it is crucial to choose one with built-in safeguards and the best security available.

Update and upgrade regularly.

Do not ignore those annoying popups telling you an update is available! Developers are constantly watching for new vulnerabilities and threats and creating patches to protect against them. But you have to install the patch for it to work. Outdated software is vulnerable. Always install updates as soon as they are available, and upgrade regularly as well. It is also wise to consider investing in virtual private network (VPN) and firewall products.

Investing In Network Security Kansas City

It is absolutely imperative to be proactive with your cybersecurity strategy. Response-only is not a strategy so much as a numbers game with extremely bad odds. Do not fall into the trap of believing that your business is too small to be targeted, because the risk is actually quite high for small businesses. The simple truth is that if your business is connected to the internet, you need network security Kansas City. The good news is that even a modest investment can give you a great deal of protection.

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