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Network Security vs. Endpoint Protection: Understanding the Difference

Network Security and Endpoint Protection are two facets of a security plan that go hand-in-hand in protecting a business. While endpoint protection is part of cybersecurity, it is not the same as network security. Let’s discuss more in this week’s blog.  

Endpoint protection focuses on protecting all endpoints in a network, including work devices, tablets, and even personal phones and laptops from threats. Endpoint protection ensures the same level of protection across all endpoints, regardless if they are online, offline, or on- or off-premises. 

Network security will detect, find and block threats and protect the integrity across your network and the data within it, ideally before they reach the endpoints. Network security includes comprehensive protection, including a combination of hardware and software to provide multiple layers of security to defend against threats. Examples of are Network Access Control (NAC), Firewalls, IPS and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

 A well-rounded security plan will include both endpoint protection and network security, as the two technologies work together to better protect users, assets and data from cyber attacks. 

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), RAVENii handles all of the functions of an organization’s network security, including endpoint protection so that threats are mitigated proactively, response times are quick and incident response is efficient and knowledgeable. 

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Launched in 2014 by experts boasting decades of front-line security experience, RAVENii is your source for cybersecurity solutions. Supporting a wide range of clients including data centers, school districts, public municipalities, non-profit organizations, transportation, utility, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare organizations, RAVENii will monitor your entire IT environment to prevent security breaches, mitigate threats and keep your business running strong. To learn about how RAVENii can help you, or for a cyber security evaluation for your business, contact us online or call us at (844) 317-0944.



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