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Network Security: Zero-Day Attacks

It is common knowledge that strong network security is critical to your business operations. The rise in cyber breaches makes it imperative to have a robust plan for network security and detection of zero-day attacks. A “zero-day attack” is a network security breach that exploits a newly discovered software vulnerability for which no patch or update has been released. “Zero-day” references the fact that you have 0 days to fix the vulnerability before it becomes a problem.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities And Exploits

For a zero-day attack to occur, there must first be a zero-day vulnerability, or a software security flaw that the developer is aware of but does not have a patch or update to fix. These vulnerabilities may be caused by programming errors or problematic security configurations. If not fixed, these flaws can be exploited by hackers.

Cybercriminals write code to specifically target a network security weakness and disguise it in malware known as a “zero-day exploit.” The malware can then steal your data, install spyware, and even allow the criminals to control your systems.

Network Security With RAVENii

RAVENii offers 24X7 Network Detection & Response of your on wire network. Our platform utilizes context-aware AI, a dynamic network baselining technology that allows us to identify pre-attack behavior and stop attacks before they happen.

A full baseline of your typical network behavior can be created in just 7 days. This allows us to see your entire attack surface. Having this greater transparency allows for faster detections, better correlation, and less noise so you can focus on what matters. The AI functionality eliminates 95% of the false-positive alerts that typically send IT teams down the wrong track. The value to you is real and actionable threats to focus on, not distractions and wild goose chases.

RAVENii will monitor all of your network traffic, incoming, outgoing, and local in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid environments. With full layer 2-7 visibility, full packet capture, and deep packet inspection, we can give you the visibility you need to see and take action before damage is done.

RAVENii will enhance your security by doing the following:

  • Establishing an evolving baseline of acceptable network behavior for anomaly detection in 7 days or less, without requiring months of historical data, human intelligence, or forensics;
  • Providing predictive and “zero-day” threat, attack, and anomaly intelligence layer without human intervention; and
  • Delivering an average of 95% reduction in false-positive alerts.

RAVENii’s Network Detection & Response Service Includes:

  • Malware detection with built-in threat intelligence;
  • Real-time attack surface measuring;
  • Real-time on-the-wire passive vulnerability assessment and threat monitoring;
  • Real-time indicator of compromise alerting;
  • Real-time detection of botnet and command & control traffic;
  • Forensics;
  • Access to RAVENii’s Security Incident Response and Management Team; and
  • Access to RAVENii’s web-based SOC for managed devices, workflows, alerting, and incidents.

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