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Strong Network Security Requires More Than Strong Passwords

Ensuring the protection of your network from malicious threats has become increasingly challenging. Hackers are increasing in number and sophistication and they’re starting to target a wider group of people. With that said, the basics still hold true when it comes to protecting yourself. Things like having a strong password are still absolutely essential as the first line of defense against attackers, but you’ll want to do more on top of that and RAVENii in Kansas City is here to help with the following advice.

Use Strong Passwords

The first tip any expert will give about network security will be the need for a strong password. Some common advice on a strong password string is to make one that is at least 12 characters but 14 or more is even better and use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s strongly recommended to not use words found in a dictionary as well as names of people, characters, products, or an organization.

Use Varied Passwords

When it comes to passwords vital to network security, you should never use the same password for two or more accounts. It can be a bother, but repeat passwords leave you vulnerable if a single one of them is guessed or stolen by a hacker. Products like LastPass can help with remembering, these can be strongly encrypted which will help keep your passwords safe against attack. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is a security mechanism that requires multiple forms of identification from a user in order to grant access to a system or application. This typically involves the user providing two or more of the following factors: something they know (password), something they have (a physical token on a mobile device) or something they are (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition). By requiring multiple factors for authentication, MFA significantly strengthens the security of a system. DUO can help. Deploying DUO’s MFA, single sign-on, remote access has made securing your entire organization easier than ever before.

Educate Your Team

Successful phishing attacks continue to be the primary cause of over 80% of damaging security incidents. The highest level of preparedness doesn’t help your network security unless every member of your organization is on the same page. This means frequent and high level training sessions. The simple act of raising employee awareness of common attack tactics can turn every worker into an active participant in the company’s network security strategy. RAVENii can show you SANS or KnowBe4 to help prepare your organization for cyber security threats.

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