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The Recent Surge in Healthcare Data Breaches

Over recent months, the healthcare sector has faced escalating cybersecurity challenges, as highlighted by CISA’s Advisory. The surge in large-scale data breaches in November, totaling 28 incidents affecting over 10,000 records, underscores the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Two of these breaches, ranking among the top ten of all time, targeted business associates of HIPAA-covered entities.

Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc. (PJ&A), a medical transcription services provider, suffered the most significant breach, impacting 8,952,212 individuals, with hackers accessing their network servers for over a month. Other breaches affecting 500,000 individuals included Sutter Health, Blue Shield of California, and East River Medical Imaging in New York. Furthermore, a recent interview with RAVENii’s head of operations, Michael Yelland, discussed the importance and significance of these incidents regarding Liberty Hospital, located in Kansas City. Find the entire news report at fox4kc.com.

Within the landscape of breaches, RAVENii offers pre-ransomware risk assessments and specialized Incident Response (IR) plans. RAVENii empowers organizations with real-time threat debriefing and insights into how attackers access networks. Following this initial information, RAVENii provides a detailed incident response process plan, allowing organizations to resume their normal operations swiftly.

Written By: Zachary Yelland


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