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Threats to Your Network Security Don’t Sleep

The need for network security doesn’t go away when the lights turn off. This means that you need a team to keep your environment safe while you sleep. RAVENii, located in Kansas City, can provide security and other cybersecurity services to your organization no matter where you are in the world. 

RAVENii’s Monitoring Service

Every minute counts in an attack on your network. That’s why RAVENii offers 24X7 network security monitoring. We monitor all of the traffic on your network, incoming, outgoing, and local in the cloud. By monitoring incoming, outgoing, and local cloud traffic, we provide the necessary visibility to enable you to see and immediately take action. Ravenii’s network security services provide you with continuous scans of your environment. This lets us see incongruencies as they happen. Our team will then assess these anomalies for potential risk to your business. We use this information to help craft a plan to improve your security.

Overnight Threats

Since businesses typically have less or no activity and/or monitoring on their network over night, attackers often use this time as an opportunity. Attackers having hours to scan and steal the data from your network is a nightmare scenario. Leaving your network unmonitored overnight could spell the end of your business if you are targeted by a network attack.

To combat this, RAVENii’s 24-hour network security services include the following:Malware detection with built-in threat intelligence

  • Real-time attack surface measuring 
  • Real-time on-the-wire passive vulnerability assessment and threat monitoring
  • Real-time indicator of compromise alerting
  • Real-time detection of botnet and command & control traffic
  • Access to RAVENii’s security incident response and management team
  • Access to RAVENii’s web-based SOC for managed devices, workflows, alerting and incidents

RAVENii is committed to providing network security to safeguard you against threats 24/7. Find out how we can help keep you protected from, and inform you about, the latest threats. Call us at (844) 317-0944 or send a message by clicking here.


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