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Why Strong Network Security Kansas City Requires Reinforcing Your Human Firewall

Effective network security Kansas City is designed to protect your organization from financial and brand reputation losses due to security breaches. Research indicates that 95% of security breaches involve human error. This means that if you are not including security awareness training and phishing testing in your network security plan, you are effectively leaving the door open.

Network Security Kansas City Depends On People

Data breaches cost organizations millions of dollars every year. An awareness training program that addresses the network security mistakes that employees may make when using email and the web as well as in the physical world, such as improper document disposal is a modest investment by comparison. 

Most organizations depend on technological defenses, but firewalls and software only function as well as the humans running them. Modern cybercriminals overwhelmingly target people rather than strictly technological means because they are much easier to confuse.

It only takes one naive user clicking on a suspicious link or trusting a phishing email to breach your network. Basic network security training and awareness of common attack methods for every employee mitigates your risk a great deal.

Awareness Training Builds A Culture Of Security 

Developing a security-conscious culture within your organization should be a priority for all departments, not IT alone. Having everyone working toward the same goal of network security Kansas City gives you much greater odds of successfully locking down your data.

A culture of security means that security values and habits are integral to every position within your organization. Creating a culture of security makes every employee your first line of defense against security breaches. 

Most of the time, infiltration of your network is caused by poor employee decisions like creating a weak password or falling for a phishing scheme. Investing in more comprehensive training is the best strategy for dealing with this. All employees should have a clear understanding of best practices for cybersecurity and common schemes they may encounter.

RAVENii Provides Network Security Kansas City Awareness Training And Phishing Testing

RAVENii’s Managed Security Training and Phishing Testing platform is powered by SANS and will educate your employees on what cyber threats to look for and provide training on how to avoid them. This service follows best practices for educating your human firewall on how to treat your sensitive data and be security-aware. 

By monitoring the entirety of the IT environment, RAVENii moves beyond the sphere of security breaches; providing the most comprehensive discovery, analysis, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s presence. Our platform combines advanced analytics to assist in understanding attacks, assessing risks, and acting against digital threats.

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