Incident Response

The impacts of a cyber breach are debilitating and can cripple your business. Let RAVENii help you lock it down. Responding to an attack swiftly is critical to your operations. The RAVENii response team can be up and running in a matter of minutes to hours to quickly pinpoint the source of an attack, lock down credentials and put an end to malicious activity.

Our Incident Response service includes a thorough technical investigation, containment techniques, and elimination of the threats and hackers responsible for the breach. We will identify how the attackers are accessing your environment and determine how to close the doors to their entry points. Once the attack is contained, RAVENii will provide you with recommendations for remediation as well as offer you solutions on how to make sure the attackers don’t have another way in.

RAVENii will help you resolve your security incident quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the business of doing business.

RAVENii’s Incident Response Service Includes:

  • Real time threat debriefing
  • Turnkey incident response and management platform
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) formalization
  • Incident Management Response Plan establishment
  • Detailed incident response processes
  • Communications plan
  • CSIRT training and exercises
  • Integration with RAVENii’s 7-stage security incident response process as needed
  • Management guidance during critical incidents
  • Critical incident triage work
  • Critical incident root cause analysis
  • Remote Assistance
Our Mission
At RAVENii we leverage the collective intelligence of security experts across the globe to provide peace of mind that your business will continue to run efficiently in a secure environment that is right for you.

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