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Cybersecurity Asset Management is a Vital Field
Cybersecurity asset management is a critical aspect of running a business in the modern world. Maintaining a real-time inventory of IT assets and associated security risks gives your security team access to the tools they need to create proactive, end-to-end, security strategy. RAVENii can help meet your organizational needs and help protect your data and reputation. What is Asset Management? Cybersecurity asset management is the process of identifying the IT assets your organization owns and the potential risks or gaps that could affect those assets. These assets come in many forms, from devices like PCs and servers, or software like a cloud-based databases or company-owned domains. Every device, resource, or service that exists in your…
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Navigating Emerging Cybersecurity Trends with IT Managed Services
IT-managed services are becoming a near-necessity for any organization that wants to protect itself from new and evolving threats. Analysis of cybersecurity trends that are predicted for the coming year indicates a need to adapt how threats are handled. If you’re looking to stay informed about these trends and/or for help in protecting your company, *RAVENii *is here to help. Zero-Trust According to *Forbes*the trend of remote working is expected to continue, and as a result, virtual private networks (VPNs) may not be able to meet the scalability demands. A zero trust approach is predicted to become the norm as it is both scalable and highly secure. This strategy is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” where users are…
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Proactive Network Security Defense: The Importance of Frequent Vulnerability Scans
A key area of network security is knowing the weaknesses in your system. While the vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system are fairly common knowledge, there are many other ways in which your environment is vulnerable to threats. The vulnerability scans offered by RAVENii are designed to help you expose and identify these weak points.   Windows   With over 70% of desktop, tablet, and console users, Windows is the most widely used computer operating system. Naturally, this means it is a common target for hackers. While patches for vulnerable software typically come out quickly when network security concerns arise, it is important to remain vigilant.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides alerts on their…
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Better Enhance your Cybersecurity with Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP) Services
Cybersecurity continues to be an essential area of concern for individuals and businesses alike. A new threat making the news every few weeks is a common part of the world we live in today. It’s more important than ever before to utilize companies like RAVENii to handle cybersecurity concerns such as managed endpoint protection. Google Ads Abuse The most dangerous new threat to cybersecurity is hackers disguising their malware as legit software through google ads. Typosquatting campaigns have been a security concern for quite a while already. The google ads abuse connection is a fairly new discovery though. The abuse of Google ad connections is a relatively new discovery.   From BleepingComputer, “The Google Ads platform helps advertisers…
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Network Attacks: Password Managers Aren’t as Bulletproof as Advertised
Network attacks are a constant threat to your data. Knowing this, strong passwords are not only a good idea, but a necessity. This has led to the prevalence of password managers as they allow the use of more complex passwords without the user having to memorize the password themselves. While these tools are definitely useful, they also have their risks. That’s why RAVENii is here to talk about some of these risks. What is a Password Manager? A password manager is an app on phones, tablets, or computers that will store all of your passwords in one place so that you don’t need to remember them. Users of this type of tool typically will log into the manager with a master password. The password manager itself is capable of generating and…
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Cybersecurity: How Can a Security Operations Center Help My Business
Cybersecurity is impossible to manage alone. Any link in an email could be a threat to your system. Training courses on internet security help, but scams change so fast that it’s hard to keep everyone in an organization up to date on every scam. A security operations center is a great way to mitigate many of these dangers. RAVENii offers a host of services to bolster your network’s security. In cybersecurity, a security operations center is a team responsible for handling cyber threats against an organization. A vigilant and security-conscious culture within your organization is essential, and the best way to protect your security. However, human error is always a factor, so instead of hoping for the best, having professionals handle your…
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Services A Network Audit Provides for Your Organization
Getting a regular network audit is a critical part of regular cybersecurity maintenance. Hackers are constantly evolving and improving their attacks. The need to have the same zeal for improving your security and responses to an attack is all too clear. Luckily, RAVENii is here to help. Cybersecurity Assessments Cybersecurity assessments allow us to  evaluate the vulnerabilities and threats to your organization. You’ll get recommendations for how to deal with the risks we inform you of. A full assessment can take a couple of weeks to be ready, by then you will have a security adviser who is fully versed on the state of your network and can tell you what risks and vulnerabilities exist while delivering your network audit report.  Tests and…
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5 Network Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe
The best network security begins long before someone is after your company’s data. It’s important to remember to always be resolute in the face of the near constant threats to the safety of your data. RAVENii can help you increase the effectiveness of your network security with our services, but first, we would like to offer the following advice: Educate Your Employees: This is absolutely crucial, the more people who know how to avoid threats, the less threats you will encounter. This is a continuing process, however, scams will improve and change and you will have to continue learning about them and informing your employees about the potential dangers. Ultimately it might take a while, but with a proper network security training regimen in…
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Ransomware Is Evolving Into Cyber Espionage
Ransomware and phishing attacks have been on the rise since 2020. In part, the pandemic has played a role in this increased threat to many organization throughout the U.S. because of remote workers. Although Email is still the preferred delivery method, IT network management and security companies are seeing a spike social engineering schemes. RAVENii technicians and IT security personnel are having to get creative when it comes to stopping threats on social media platforms, voicemail (“vishing”), SMS phishing (“smishing”), and malicious USB drops.  A few years back ransom demands where our biggest concern. Organizations were turning to IT network management and security companies after hearing of the countless organizations who paid the…
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Cybersecurity and The Battle Against Hacktivism
Cybersecurity issues have been on the rise for years; keeping companies like RAVENii on their toes. Many “crime drama” TV programs show hackers tapping into local surveillance cameras or corporate databases. The news reports include segments about viruses or phishing scams. Most Americans are familiar with the concept of spyware and hacker-related incidents.  In the last few years, the concern has grown to threat status. Hospitals, corporations, police servers, government databases, and financial institutions were disabled by hackers, or “hacktivists”. Sensitive information was stolen. Websites were defaced or brought down all because of hacktivist. The demand for experts in cybersecurity has increased exponentially. Hacktivists are now…

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