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Network Security vs. Endpoint Protection: Understanding the Difference
Network Security and Endpoint Protection are two facets of a security plan that go hand-in-hand in protecting a business. While endpoint protection is part of cybersecurity, it is not the same as network security. Let’s discuss more in this week’s blog.   Endpoint protection focuses on protecting all endpoints in a network, including work devices, tablets, and even personal phones and laptops from threats. Endpoint protection ensures the same level of protection across all endpoints, regardless if they are online, offline, or on- or off-premises.  Network security will detect, find and block threats and protect the integrity across your network and the data within it, ideally before they reach the endpoints. Network security includes…
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Cybersecurity: Understanding Endpoint Protection
An essential component of cybersecurity is understanding endpoint protection. RAVENii endpoint protection helps businesses block threats and other attempts to gain access into your network. An area often overlooked in cybersecurity is endpoint protection. While our client’s network and cloud storage often have security measures in place, we find it is the endpoints that are lacking this safety feature. We defend client endpoints with 24/7 monitoring. How well are you protected? What is Endpoint Protection? An “endpoint” is any device that access’ your corporate network. This includes network devices, personal devices, employer-owned laptops, servers, desktops, cloud-based systems, IoT devices and even wearables. By watching for any…
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Network Audits - The Importance of Regular SIEM-SOC Audits for Your Business's Cybersecurity
Regular Network Audits are an important part of any business’s cybersecurity plan. A network audit will help you identify potential security vulnerabilities and provides opportunity for optimization, no matter if you operate in Kansas City or elsewhere in the United States.  What is an Audit? A network audit is an evaluation of an organization’s security practices, and overall health status. Because networks are always evolving with account management,audits need to be performed regularly as a core component of your cybersecurity protocol.  Network audits often include network architecture, inventory, access control, endpoint management, configuration review, policy review, procedure review, network traffic analysis, patch management, back…
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How a Cyber Security Firm Can Help Streamline Your SOC Operations
Cyber security threats are an unfortunate part of living in our modern society. Partnering with a Cyber Security firm, like RAVENii for your business will optimize your SOC operations using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques.  A Streamlined Security Operations Center, or SOC Cyber security threat intelligence needs to be applied to your business operations to create a resilient security program. Our SOC Operations protocols ensure that your security efforts are prioritized. This means focused resources for your risks and vulnerabilities. Through AI predictive systems, machine learning and proactive approach, we will be able to prevent most threats impacting your day-to-day work.  We want to make sure you are well versed in…
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Network Security – Common SIEM Challenges & How to Overcome Them
Feeling frustrated with your network security or SIEM? If you want to start the next quarter, month or week feeling secure and protected, RAVENii wants to help. We help clients every day who either use a SIEM, but it is not customized to their needs, need a SIEM, or are in general dealing with too many security headaches.  RAVENii can prepare your organization for cyber threats and help you overcome SIEM challenges. What are Common Issues Businesses Face When Implementing a SIEM? Most SIEMs come pre-packaged with a standard install option. Most organizations do not have the time or expertise to fine-tune this new system for their own security requirements. You may be over protecting yourself in some areas, causing unnecessary hoops for…
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Security Operations Center – 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Cyber Security Firm for SOC Services
Operating a Security Operations Center, or SOC, requires specialized training, around the clock monitoring and an incident response plan. If you are concerned about your company’s internal ability to prevent, detect, investigate or respond to cyber threats, RAVENii partners with clients in Kansas City and worldwide. A SOC acts as a centralized location for all your organization’s security resources and personnel. Because the SOC continuously monitors for threats, the amount of time between detection and a compromise to your business is greatly decreased. This saves you on operating costs and reduces the effort spent on security breaches.  Partnering with a Cyber Security Firm for your business means you are protected 365 days a year. Let’s…
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Cybersecurity 101: The Power of a Strong SIEM
The cybersecurity of your organization can strongly benefit from a strong SIEM. The threats hackers pose is ever-changing, it’s important to have strong security measures that adapt to keep up with threats. RAVENii can patrol your network to help you manage and track the changes you need to keep your security up-to-date. What is a SIEM? A SIEM or Security Information and Event Management system is a security software that shows activity across an entire network so threats can be responded to quickly, often before business is affected.  A SIEM is an important part of any organization’s cybersecurity plan. By using a SIEM, we have a centralized place to collect and analyze data so that security workflows can be streamlined.  One of the…
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Cybersecurity: Prepare Your Team With Quality Education
When it comes to cybersecurity, information is always your greatest asset. Attacks come in many forms, but there are signs you and your employees can learn to identify that will give you warning that something is amiss. End-user education is the best way to approach this problem. RAVENii offers services that will manage your company’s security awareness training to help protect your data. What is a Cyber Attack? The term cyber attack describes any attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or program. Cyber attacks take many forms, the two most common being malware and phishing. Malware involves infecting computers on your network with software in order to shut down services key to your business or access your information…
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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat to Your Staff is Phishing
Easily the largest cybersecurity vulnerability to any organization is the people involved with it. Phishing has grown to be an extremely pervasive and successful means of entry into the data of individuals and businesses alike. High levels of vigilance and proper training from a qualified team like the one at RAVENii in Kansas City will help drastically reduce this threat. What is Phishing? The fraudulent practice of sending emails or other messages claiming to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers is known as phishing. Attackers will use the information they get through these attacks to then steal your money, identity, or the money and identities of your…
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Strong Network Security Requires More Than Strong Passwords
Ensuring the protection of your network from malicious threats has become increasingly challenging. Hackers are increasing in number and sophistication and they’re starting to target a wider group of people. With that said, the basics still hold true when it comes to protecting yourself. Things like having a strong password are still absolutely essential as the first line of defense against attackers, but you’ll want to do more on top of that and RAVENii in Kansas City is here to help with the following advice. Use Strong Passwords The first tip any expert will give about network security will be the need for a strong password. Some common advice on a strong password string is to make one that is at least 12 characters but 14 or more is…

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