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How AI can Impact your cyber security posture
Currently Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the focal point for topics regarding technology and information and is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape, offering innovative solutions. However, presenting new challenges. As these technologies advance and become integral to developing new and robust cybersecurity measures, they also raise concerns to all parties included about privacy, accountability, and intellectual property theft. The Dual-Edged Sword of AI As artificial intelligence continues to enhance cybersecurity protocols through automating and security tasks such as monitoring network traffic and detecting anomalies that could/potently indicate a security breach. This automation, driven by the three waves of AI development…
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Cybersecurity Resilience
The US government’s recent actions against cyber threats, particularly those originating from foreign regions, serve as a reminder of the importance of national security and the protection of critical assets. The biggest security threats are currently emerging from China; these operations are strategically designed to target and exploit vulnerabilities in both governmental and corporate networks, with the primary goal of obtaining intellectual property, sensitive data, and proprietary information. These threats present significant risks to all businesses in every sector, and the implications of these attacks extend beyond mere data breaches. Recognizing and actively mitigating these risks is essential for maintaining operational integrity…
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Navigating the Evolving Threat of Ransomware in 2024
The threat of ransomware continues to be a significant concern in the cybersecurity landscape in 2024. These attacks have evolved significantly since they originated in the 1980s, taking advantage of technological advancements and cryptocurrencies. Infecting any system through phishing emails, drive-by downloads, or social engineering tactics. All organizations are susceptible to ransomware attacks when proper security hygiene is overlooked, and planning is not implemented. Lax security practices and the dramatic increase in endpoints and BYOD policies mean that any system can be infected by social engineering, reconnaissance, Remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute force, and taking advantage of System and software vulnerabilities. These…
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The Recent Surge in Healthcare Data Breaches
Over recent months, the healthcare sector has faced escalating cybersecurity challenges, as highlighted by CISA’s Advisory. The surge in large-scale data breaches in November, totaling 28 incidents affecting over 10,000 records, underscores the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Two of these breaches, ranking among the top ten of all time, targeted business associates of HIPAA-covered entities. Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc. (PJ&A), a medical transcription services provider, suffered the most significant breach, impacting 8,952,212 individuals, with hackers accessing their network servers for over a month. Other breaches affecting 500,000 individuals included Sutter Health, Blue Shield of California, and East River Medical…
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Decoding Cyber Resilience in the Face of Ransomware Wars
In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the importance of a unified front cannot be overstated. Recent events underscore the critical role that collective efforts play in mitigating the nefarious activities of ransomware gangs. Dismantling the digital infrastructures of two prominent ransomware gangs through distinct collaborative actions highlights a path of resilience and proactive engagement. The strike was against the Trigona ransomware operation, orchestrated by a group of pro-Ukrainian hacktivists under the banner of the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance. The group infiltrated the backend servers supporting Trigona’s dark web operations, made copies of the victim data, and eradicated the gang’s digital infrastructure. This…
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Network Security vs. Endpoint Protection: Understanding the Difference
Network Security and Endpoint Protection are two facets of a security plan that go hand-in-hand in protecting a business. While endpoint protection is part of cybersecurity, it is not the same as network security. Let’s discuss more in this week’s blog.   Endpoint protection focuses on protecting all endpoints in a network, including work devices, tablets, and even personal phones and laptops from threats. Endpoint protection ensures the same level of protection across all endpoints, regardless if they are online, offline, or on- or off-premises.  Network security will detect, find and block threats and protect the integrity across your network and the data within it, ideally before they reach the endpoints. Network security includes…
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Cybersecurity: Understanding Endpoint Protection
An essential component of cybersecurity is understanding endpoint protection. RAVENii endpoint protection helps businesses block threats and other attempts to gain access into your network. An area often overlooked in cybersecurity is endpoint protection. While our client’s network and cloud storage often have security measures in place, we find it is the endpoints that are lacking this safety feature. We defend client endpoints with 24/7 monitoring. How well are you protected? What is Endpoint Protection? An “endpoint” is any device that access’ your corporate network. This includes network devices, personal devices, employer-owned laptops, servers, desktops, cloud-based systems, IoT devices and even wearables. By watching for any…
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Network Audits - The Importance of Regular SIEM-SOC Audits for Your Business's Cybersecurity
Regular Network Audits are an important part of any business’s cybersecurity plan. A network audit will help you identify potential security vulnerabilities and provides opportunity for optimization, no matter if you operate in Kansas City or elsewhere in the United States.  What is an Audit? A network audit is an evaluation of an organization’s security practices, and overall health status. Because networks are always evolving with account management,audits need to be performed regularly as a core component of your cybersecurity protocol.  Network audits often include network architecture, inventory, access control, endpoint management, configuration review, policy review, procedure review, network traffic analysis, patch management, back…
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How a Cyber Security Firm Can Help Streamline Your SOC Operations
Cyber security threats are an unfortunate part of living in our modern society. Partnering with a Cyber Security firm, like RAVENii for your business will optimize your SOC operations using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques.  A Streamlined Security Operations Center, or SOC Cyber security threat intelligence needs to be applied to your business operations to create a resilient security program. Our SOC Operations protocols ensure that your security efforts are prioritized. This means focused resources for your risks and vulnerabilities. Through AI predictive systems, machine learning and proactive approach, we will be able to prevent most threats impacting your day-to-day work.  We want to make sure you are well versed in…
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Network Security – Common SIEM Challenges & How to Overcome Them
Feeling frustrated with your network security or SIEM? If you want to start the next quarter, month or week feeling secure and protected, RAVENii wants to help. We help clients every day who either use a SIEM, but it is not customized to their needs, need a SIEM, or are in general dealing with too many security headaches.  RAVENii can prepare your organization for cyber threats and help you overcome SIEM challenges. What are Common Issues Businesses Face When Implementing a SIEM? Most SIEMs come pre-packaged with a standard install option. Most organizations do not have the time or expertise to fine-tune this new system for their own security requirements. You may be over protecting yourself in some areas, causing unnecessary hoops for…

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