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Cyber Security Vs Network Security
“Cyber security” and “network security” are so frequently used seemingly interchangeably that it can be difficult for a layperson to discern the difference. There are meaningful distinctions, however, and understanding them will help you to ensure your information is as secure as possible in every situation. In fact, both fall under the umbrella of information security. Cyber Security Cyber security is a subgroup of information security and it refers to a system that defends an organization’s device and server information. It acts as an extra layer of protection against cyber criminals. It shields the information that is stored in the servers as well as devices.  This type of information security covers the entire defense of digital data…
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Ransomware Avoidance
Ransomware is currently the most significant cybersecurity concern for organizations because it is also the most profitable tactic for tech criminals. The cost to those victimized extends farther than just the ransom. Clean-up and recovery, PR expenses, disruption to business, and the cost of reporting and compliance that come with data breaches can devastate any organization. Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and money protecting things that are valuable to them from outsiders who mean to do them harm or achieve financial gain by holding their valuables hostage. Yet the rate of ransomware attacks continues to skyrocket. So, what can we to do protect our assets and minimize the damage to our business? Understand your risk factors…
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Managed Services: Reactive Vs Proactive Application Security
Managed services from RAVENii provide a proactive solution to application security that prevents security breaches before they happen. Many small business owners assume that they will not be targeted because of the size or nature of their business. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous assumption.  No One Is Safe Big businesses and government or educational organizations may be the most lucrative targets, but they’re also the most challenging. Cybercriminals love an easy target, and they optimize their strategies to take advantage of small businesses with a lot to lose and little protection. The reality is that organizations of all sizes and types are being targeted every day, and anyone who doesn’t take proactive precautions isn’t safe. Any…
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Network Security Risks Of Cloud Storage
Network security in the cloud has several inherent risks, but if handled correctly cloud storage can actually be more secure than on-premises servers. Cloud storage is quickly becoming standard in modern business as it offers lower costs and greater scalability compared to on-prem servers. Cloud Storage Risks Given this mass migration to cloud infrastructure, it is critical to understand the risks involved. They include: Privacy - When you store data onsite it is relatively easy to ensure that your data remains private. When your sensitive data is stored elsewhere, it can be difficult to know exactly how protected it is. Control - Trusting the management of your data to a third party means that if something goes wrong, you will have to wait…
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Cyber Security Critical To Educational Institutions
Cyber security is critical to schools and universities, both public and private. Educational institutions are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks largely due to the sheer number of devices and users on their networks as well as vast amounts of sensitive information stored on them.  Teachers and students/parents exchanging emails is on the rise and so are issues with spam emails. Education networks are most often breached using email, usually containing malware in an attachment. Cyber security awareness training for students, faculty, and staff is highly recommended. Ensuring a strong human firewall is the best way to prevent an attack. How To Tell Legitimate Senders From Spam It can be difficult to suss out the spam these days…
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Managed Services For Cloud Security
Managed services from RAVENii protect data, technologies, controls, applications, policies, and infrastructure from threats in a cloud environment. As more and more applications and data are moved into the cloud, the risk of a data breach increases. Cyber security in the cloud requires different measures and techniques from a traditional onsite network. Cloud Applications Present New Security Concerns In this new age of work-from-home and virtual offices, cloud applications have become critical infrastructure for many organizations. Frighteningly, more than 80% of organizations have at least one unpatched or unsupported OS, and nearly half of those contain secrets and credentials that enable lateral movement. Most data breaches happen when…
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Ransomware Concerns In Application Security
Ransomware is the most pressing security concern for organizations today and that is because it has the highest potential payout for cybercriminals. Applications with discovered critical or zero-day vulnerabilities that have been left unpatched leave you open to a potential attack. Many small business owners assume that they will not be targeted because of the size or nature of their business. This is a dangerous assumption because organizations of all sizes and types are being targeted every day. No one who doesn’t take precautions is safe. Any company can easily be extorted by exposing employee data, client lists, customer credit cards, or other sensitive data. The Cost Of Ransomware The cost to those victimized by ransomware extends much…
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Managed Services Include Application Security
Managed services available from RAVENii include comprehensive application security. Application security is the process of developing, implementing, and testing security features within applications to secure them against threats such as unauthorized access and modification.  Application Security Features There are many types of application security features including authentication, authorization, encryption, logging, and testing. Authentication The first step is building procedures into an application that allow only authorized users to gain access to it. Authentication is how we make sure that a user is who they say they are. This is most frequently accomplished by requiring the user to provide a user name and password when logging in to…
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Strong Cyber Security Requires Malware Analysis
Cyber security must include malware analysis and management to prevent catastrophic breaches and losses within your network. There are several reasons why and methods by which malware is created and spread, but the bottom line is that it is essential to have a competent network security management team in place.  The vast majority of malware is money motivated, but a bad actor might create a malicious program for other reasons ranging from pranks to activism or espionage. Malware is commonly spread via email attachments, shared networks, torrents, or malicious websites, and is disastrous for networks. Malware Is A Cyber Security Crisis A malware attack can disrupt your business operations, damage your reputation, and cause your clients to…
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Managed Services Include Malware Analysis
Managed services from RAVENii include continuous monitoring for suspicious malware. Malware analysis is the process of detecting potential threats within a file and preventing or mitigating the potential damage from embedded malware. The analysis is useful during and after an attack as well as for preventing them entirely.  When Malware Attacks While a malware attack is in progress, malware analysis identifies and classifies the malware as well as evaluates the potential damages, which tells security analysts how to respond.  After an incident, malware analysis can help security teams identify the source and determine the extent of the damage. It gives them insight into the behavior and methods of attack in the malware that helps them…

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